Cupid Can Keep His Arrows

Life is full of storms, both in the weather and in heart They blow in, affecting everyone in their paths, and are no respecter of persons - or emotions.

And, friends, there’s a big one blowing in this week. And right out in front, winging himself ahead of the billowing storm clouds of emotions, is Cupid himself, arrows loaded and ready to fly.

So what are you going to do this week, this emotional storm looming? You may not realize it, but you do have options.

  • You can ignore it.

You can go about your week like it’s just any other week, like Sunday is just going to miraculously fall off the calendar allowing you to escape its peril. Even if you could find a rock to crawl under on Valentines Day, you won’t escape the flower tents in grocery store parking lots the week before, or all ads that seem to be everywhere showing happy couples holding hands, looking lovingly into each other’s eyes. Pretending it’s not happening could leave you out in the cold, alone, and feeling the sting of every stupid arrow shot by that fat little self-proclaimed messenger of love. Ignoring your feelings about this (or any other) emotional storm won’t do you any good in the long run.

  • You can anticipate it.

You can tell yourself all kinds of stories about this upcoming holiday as you wait for its dreaded arrival. No one will send you flowers. There won’t be a special card and box of chocolates waiting for you when you get home. Everyone else in the world has their Valentine except for you. And you’ll have to cook. And whatever other story you’re telling yourself right now.

Oftentimes, replaying these kinds of stories in the days leading up to the Day is more painful than the Day itself, causing you angst and heartbreak that might have been avoided. Or at least that might have been lessened with a little bit of preparation. Which leads to the third option ...

  • You can prepare for it. (Recomended)

It’s true you can’t control the existence of this holiday or how others will be celebrating it, but you can make a plan to help yourself get through it. You don’t have to sit by and let Cupid’s arrows pierce right through you, or be at the mercy of advertisers or a date on the calendar.

What other stories you can tell yourself?

Do you know someone else who does not have anyone to celebrate them this year? Maybe you can send them flowers or drop a card in the mail.

See if you can meet a girlfriend or two for dinner or coffee (or schedule a virtual get-together, to stay safe). Stop at your favorite bistro or restaurant and get your favorite order to go - you’re so worth it. He thought you were, didn’t he?

You might decide to cook your partner's favorite meal and eat by candlelight as you remember Valentine’s Days spent with her.

Maybe you can grab a pen and paper and write out Valentine's memories of you and your sweetie, or write a letter to them. Or pull out some favorite photos and create a mini album, just for you.

You might decide to sit on your couch and watch Hallmark movies with Ben & Jerry and a box of tissues.

You don't have control of what day it is, but you do have control of you, and making a plan - any plan - is better than the alternative.

Having a plan also answers the question, “What are you going to do for Valentine’s day?” And having an answer for yourself - any answer - to that question can facilitate healing, and can be empowering as you handle future storms.

So what are you going to do this week?

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